Watching Chris Rock on David Letterman, I’m reminded of why most of his movies suck.

It’s because Chris Rock has no freedom in movies.

Watching him last night on Letterman riffing on how the Mets are so broke (Rock says,  “Some teams have Bat Day; we have bring a bat day.”) reminds me of how funny he can be when he’s given the room to work.

Plus, most movies have a hard time capturing Chris Rock in that whiny/angry state where he’s at his best.

However, the Mets are not really a laughing matter. Sure, we poke fun at them because they have giving out so many overpriced contracts that even I am currently working for one year for $18 million.

Of course the Ponzi scheme that Bernie Madoff pulled on so many is no laughing matter, unless it’s the Mets.

The Mets open themselves up for comedy because they are little brother to the Yankees, and no matter how much they try and outshine their big brother, they can’t.

It’s like if Brad Pitt had a brother Chadd Pitt (and he’d definitely spell it with two d’s) and Chadd decided his one goal in life was to outshine his brother as an actor, but his greatest achievement was directing community theater in Boise, Idaho where he wins a Spudd award (also with two d’s so how fitting) and ends up having a shake at the local Dairy Queen named after him.

Not a bad life, but just a pale comparison.

Those are the Mets, and to dig themselves out of the hole, they have to figure out how to get back in the black. Not easy to do when they are committed to high payrolls for years.

But with promotions like “Bring a Bat Day,” they can start closing the gap.

We know Chris Rock will be there. 

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