Before the season I lamented time and time again about the lack of power in the Chicago White Sox lineup. After all, how can any batting order that on occasion features both Omar Vizquel and Mark Kotasy in the top five part of the lineup succeed?

Well, seeing is believing. And after these past 11 games, the White Sox have proven this Doubting Thomas wrong.

Before this stretch of games where the Sox have gone from sellers to possible buyers, they ranked fourth in home runs. Not just fourth in the American League, but fourth in all of baseball.

However, as of right now they’ve slipped to eighth, and if it means they will keep winning, then here’s hoping they slip all the way to dead last in long balls.

See, I fell into the same trap as Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux. I know what you’re thinking, what am I talking about. Remember this ?

In the commercial, Maddux and Glavine want to hit home runs because that’s what the fans (particularly the retread actresses who appear in the commercial) want. Not necessarily because having the most home runs as a team means you’ll be successful. Although, call me crazy, but I’ll take a home run over a double any day.

I chirped and chirped about the Sox’s lack of power and how they weren’t built for their own ballpark. And maybe they aren’t. In fact they’re under .500 at home (16-18) and over .500 on the road (19-16).

However, with the way they’re hitting right now, they’re not necessarily built for one particular park but they have the lineup to be successful in every park .

Not trying to do too much at the plate and playing smart baseball (read: hitting the ball the opposite way instead of trying to turn on every pitch) translates as well to Petco Park as it does to U.S. Cellular Field.

Do I think the Sox will play this well the rest of the year?

No way .

Do I think they’ll make the playoffs?

Possibly , who knows.

The point is, it’s refreshing to see this team play a winning brand of baseball.

When the Braves jumped out to an early 3-0 lead, the White Sox of three weeks ago would have folded and Tony Pena would have been in the game by the fifth inning.

Instead, this team bounced back. And with the aid of a tight strike zone for Tommy Hanson, the Sox took what was given to them and battered one of the better young pitchers in baseball.

So, to Mr. Maddux and Mr. Glavine. You were right, chicks do dig the long ball. But for now, if hitting fewer home runs but winning more games means slightly less female fans on the South Side, I think I can deal with it.

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