With seven new high-profile additions, the Chicago White Sox will lift the lid on the 2015 season with a 25-man roster that is dramatically different than the one that opened last year’s campaign.

Because of the stark differences between the two rosters, expectations on the South Side are quite lofty. That leads to a natural question: Which players are the most important for success this season?

Well, that question can be answered in any number of ways, but we’ve identified five guys—two pitchers and one starter from each third of the lineup—who can sway the outcome on a nightly basis.

Keep in mind that there is no scientific formula used in determining the composition of this list. Just about every projected member of the Opening Day roster warrants inclusion on some level.

This is merely our take on the guys who will determine whether or not the 2015 White Sox make the playoffs or find themselves on the outside looking in for the seventh consecutive season.

Here are the five players whose performances are most important to success this season for manager Robin Ventura’s crew.

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