Baseball fans generally fall into two categories. There are the fans who love superstars and the fans who love guys who have the potential to be superstars. Personally, I’m the latter, and that’s why the event that happens four days from now is like a second opening day for me.

This year’s 2010 MLB Draft boasts a youtube sensation who is the surefire No. 1 pick (Bryce Harper , C), as well as a trio of SEC stars who will likely be gone before the top 10 is over (Drew Pomeranz , P, Ole Miss, Zack Cox , 3B, Arkansas, and Anthony Ranaudo , P, LSU).

Unfortunately, only Ranaudo has a realistic shot of still being on the board when the White Sox make their first selection at pick No. 13. The good thing is Ranaudo is exactly the type of player the Sox need to go after with their top picks.

Pitching. Topflight pitching.

Now I’m not saying Ranaudo is the perfect pick. He’s had elbow issues and isn’t willing to take a physical right now. Here is a visual representation of what goes through my mind when a young pitcher REFUSES to take a physical.

However, the Sox need to go after a guy like Ranuado who has shown the ability to be dominant at the collegiate level.

One possible choice is Deck McGuire , a RHP from Georgia Tech. He’s reportedly been slipping down draft boards, which could benefit the White Sox. Deck (yes, that’s his real name) put up a 105:27 K:BB ratio last season at Georgia Tech. He also has good size at 6’6″, 218 pounds. McGuire doesn’t necessarily have the upside of some of the guys going at the top of the draft, but he has all the tools necessary to be a No.2 or No. 3 starter in a few years.

Another candidate is Karsten Whitson , a RHP who is a high-schooler from Florida. Whitson is the type of pitcher who shows up in every draft. He’s got a great arm, a nearly MLB-ready slider, and enough inconsistency to already pitch for the Sox. Whitson is at least three or four years away, but when he does arrive in the big leagues he will have the stuff to stick around for a long time. If he’s still around at 13 the Sox will be hard-pressed to pass on him.

These are just two of the guys who fit the plan the Sox ought to have for the draft. Though as with any draft, if a certain guy is still around at their pick who the Sox had ranked higher than the others, they should pick him regardless of his position.

But as a general strategy, the Sox should be stockpiling pitchers in this year’s draft.

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