As a fan, I try not to be too harsh on players when they speak their mind. After all, don’t we as fans want to hear the truth?

But in the case of Jake Peavy and his feelings about sticking with the White Sox through a rebuilding phase, I’d rather he kept them to himself.

On Thursday, Peavy was asked about the position the Sox are currently in and the possibility that some of the veterans could be moved in the next month-and-a-half.

He responded by saying “I’m excited to be in a situation where you talk about it’s not going to be a rebuilding process. If that were the case, I would certainly try to be moved, but that’s the least of my worries.”

Like I said, I usually like to hear the truth from players. But in this case, I don’t want to hear Peavy say he’d want to be traded from the South Side because they wouldn’t be in a position to win.

Hey Jake, you’re one of the reasons the Sox aren’t in a position to win this year .

Moreover, Peavy’s a former Cy Young award winner that has struggled so badly lately he hardly resembles a major league-caliber pitcher. It seems odd to me that he’d be the one to speak out against a possible rebuilding year for the Sox.

I still fully believe that Peavy will be a major contributor for the Sox down the road. I don’t think it’s clear to anyone what exactly is wrong with him right now, but between he and Don Cooper I feel comfortable that it’ll be fixed sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, here’s hoping Peavy will build on his last two outings and help the Sox put themselves in a position where they won’t need to go into rebuilding mode.

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