Friday afternoon at Cellular Field in Chicago, Cubs starter Carlos Zambrano erupted after allowing the White Sox to score four runs in the first. Apparently, Big “Z” was upset with Derrek Lee’s effort on Juan Pierre’s leadoff double.

I am not sure whether Lee could have gotten to the ball or not, but with Zambrano and the team struggling as much they are, it is not the time to show a lack of effort.

Lee needs to step up and take some accountability for the Cubs’ poor start. He is supposed to be their leader, but he is just not getting the job done.

Besides grounding into as many double plays (10) as he has home runs, he strikes out every 3.9 at bats; he’s on pace to drive in only 73 runs.

His defense, although still good, has been his worst since the 2002 season, when he committed 12 errors. Lee’s disaster of a season is a big reason why the Cubs find themselves nine games below .500.

This is not to say all the blame falls on Lee. Zambrano’s performance has been an even bigger disappointment.

On top of that, his behavior cannot be tolerated. Jim Hendry, Cubs GM, said, “From my point of view, we’ll play with 24 before we tolerate that kind of behavior.”

My question is: How long will Hendry and Cubs fans tolerate the failure and lack of effort on the field?

I am tired of hearing Lou Piniella say he’s tried everything and doesn’t know what to do. Maybe it is time to bring someone in who knows what to do!


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