If you took the time to watch Sunday night’s episode of CBS’ Undercover Boss featuring Todd Ricketts, I feel sorry for you. Didn’t you have anything better to do, like watching paint dry?

It was the Cubs owners’ turn to pretend to be just regular guys and do menial tasks in front of hidden cameras. All I can say is if Todd Ricketts, younger brother of chief Cubs mouthpiece Tom, is any indication of the family smarts, then Cubs fans are in for another century-long drought.

To say that the younger Ricketts is uncomfortable being a regular guy is an understatement. He is so out of his element trying to do anything involving actual work that it really makes you wonder how this guy gets up in the morning and finds the shower without a map.

First of all, he chooses “Mark Dawson” as his fake name. “Mark Dawson”…really, Todd? You couldn’t have come up with something a bit more clever? Or something more appropriate, like “Ima Goof”?

The episode starts with a really awkward scene where Todd states, “All of us siblings are equal partners, but my role has yet to be defined.” 

Um, there’s a reason for that, Todd. Your role should be to just stay the hell away from the Cubs. Your brother is already doing a fine job of pretending to know how to run a baseball organization.

Watch Todd try to clean bathrooms. FAIL.

Watch Todd try to sell hot dogs. FAIL.

Watch Todd try to park cars and work the scoreboard. EPIC FAIL.

In short, the man can’t do anything right. But it’s a sign that the Ricketts family has an ego and how this whole thing makes sense now.

No, not the appearance on this stupid program; that only makes sense if the Rickettses are intent at continuing to make the Cubs look goofy. Rather, it’s brother Tom’s refusal to seek help to evaluate Jim Hendry and his band of generally mismanaging idiots.

If that isn’t a sure sign of “ego gone wild,” then I don’t know what is.

For just as surely as Todd can’t rinse urine off a bathroom floor, Tom can’t evaluate talent or run a baseball team. Oh, but that doesn’t stop him from trying.

Now, Tom didn’t appear on the show, but it’s easy to imagine a reality show based on how he’s running the Cubs.

Watch Tom say how great Hendry is. FAIL.

Watch Tom keep Crane Kenny around. FAIL.

Watch Tom only care about Wrigley Field. EPIC FAIL.

But you have to admit these Rickettses are entertaining. In fact, this slapstick ownership group is funny as hell.

So why am I not laughing?

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