As a result of Carlos Zambrano’s tirade on Friday, the Chicago Cubs have placed Zambrano on the restricted list. So what exactly does that mean?

The restricted list is a list of players to whom certain teams have contractual obligations, but are currently not a part of the team and may not play in an MLB game. Players on the restricted list do not count towards a team’s 25-man or 40-man roster.

Beginning Tuesday, Zambrano will be paid and has agreed to go through a treatment program that will have him away from the team until at least July 15th. A team does not have to pay a player on the restricted list, but in this case the Cubs will pay Zambrano.

In layman’s terms, the Cubs are buying themselves time until they figure out what to do with Zambrano. By figuring out what to do, I mean releasing or trading him.

I doubt anyone would take Zambrano in a trade unless the Cubs pick up 90 percent of his remaining contract. I wrote yesterday that the Cubs should just release him, and that thought hasn’t changed today.

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