Carlos Quentin became the latest major player to be traded by the Chicago White Sox on Saturday.  The White Sox dealt Quentin to the San Diego Padres for two minor league pitchers, Pedro Hernandez and Simon Castro, according to Sports Illustrated.  While the White Sox lost their No. 2 run producer, they get two pitchers who may contribute on the big league level for the White Sox in 2012.

Williams has been mostly focused on rebuilding this offseason.  Before dealing Quentin, he let Mark Buehrle sign with the Miami Marlins and traded Sergio Santos.  The Quentin deal saves the White Sox money while replenishing the team’s stock of prospects.

The deal brought the White Sox significant savings.  Quentin was arbitration eligible and could have demanded several million dollars.  With $91 million committed to 12 players, and the White Sox looking to trim the payroll, the White Sox seemed more likely to cut ties with players who were arbitration eligible than to keep them.

While giving John Danks an extension seemed to be an exception, the Quentin deal followed the probable line.


The Scoop on Castro and Hernandez

Castro seems like a solid prospect.  He was ranked No. 58 of all prospects by Baseball America entering the 2011 season.  His 5.63 earned run average this year isn’t nice, but the more important numbers—strikeouts (94) and walks (34)—look much better.  Also, he pitched 115 innings in 2011 and 140 in 2010.

Castro may be ready to start in 2012 if he starts the year well in the minors.

Pedro Hernandez, 22, looks like a good prospect as well.  Hernandez rose from Single-A to Triple-A in 2011.  Across all levels in 2011, he posted a 10-3 record with a 3.49 earned run average, 94 strikeouts and 22 walks in 116 innings pitched.

Hernandez may need some more work starting in the minor leagues in 2012 before starting in the majors since only 18 of his 28 games pitched in 2011 were starts.

Either Castro or Hernandez would be worth putting in the White Sox’s bullpen in 2012 for some period of time since the White Sox’s bullpen currently looks thin.  Addison Reed seems most likely to close with Jesse Crain setting up.  Aside from Jason Frasor and Josh Kinney, it’s hard to tell who will pitch middle relief for the White Sox.


Conclusion: What’s Next for the White Sox?

Now that the White Sox have dealt Quentin, one must wonder what their next move will be. Will the Red Sox or Orioles remain in the hunt for Gavin Floyd, as the Chicago Tribune and Boston Globe reported?

One must wonder whether the Red Sox will still go for Floyd after the Andrew Bailey deal.

Will the White Sox continue to waffle the rebuilding trail by chasing Cuban outfielder Yoennis Cespedes, as mentioned?

Reading Williams’ moves is difficult.  If he plays correctly, he’ll trade Floyd for extra savings.  He’d have to be pretty clever to come out of a Cespedes signing with a cheap deal.

Hopefully, he makes shrewd, smart moves.  Trading Quentin for Hernandez and Castro was a step in the right direction.

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