The last time an update was available on Carlos Beltran’s status, it was good news. Carlos had been able to play five innings of an extended spring training game and got six at-bats.

However, this last piece of news out of Port St. Lucie is not as good. Adam Rubin of ESPN New York has reported that Carlos Beltran is still running with a limp. There are also reports that Beltran is not yet explosive when running.

While Beltran has obviously improved since the start of the season, he is not ready for a minor league rehab assignment. Mets officials believe that Beltran is getting closer to returning because he is able to do just a little bit more every day.

The officials also do not believe that Beltran will be cleared to play by the training staff this week. Beltran cannot begin playing in the minors until he is cleared by the Mets’ medical staff.

Once this happens, Beltran will be able to spend up to 20 days on a rehab assignment. Carlos will most likely spend at least 10 to 15 days on the rehab assignment because he has not faced major league caliber pitching since last season.

Right now, post All-Star break looks like an optimistic return date for Carlos Beltran. I would expect that he won’t be back until… (to read the rest of the article and get more Carlos Beltran updates click the link below)

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