Mets center fielder and DL frequenter Carlos Beltran actually played in a game today .

It was an extended spring training game, but still a game nonetheless. He went 2-for-6 with a pair of singles.

Beltran ran the bases, although he took it easy with the running.

The Mets have consistently stated that once he returns to baseball activity, it will take about six weeks for Beltran to return to the club. That would put his comeback date around July 16 if he doesn’t experience any setbacks.

Assuming everything goes well, this would be huge for the Mets. That would give Beltran a full-half season in the lineup. And, considering how close the NL East and Wild Card races have been, it should be enough time for the Mets to compete.

The next step for Beltran is to get into an actual rehab game. But I get the feeling this  ordeal will be a slow process. Let’s wait until he starts running at full capacity before we get really excited.

But this is big news.

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