Can everyone please stop talking about a rift between Yankees catcher Jorge Posada  and starting pitcher A.J. Burnett?

The fact is, Burnett is just not a $82.5 million pitcher. He is too inconsistent.

I was never a fan of my favorite team acquiring Burnett before the 2009 season. He did however tame my doubts a bit last season.

Burnett was his inconsistent self, but for the most part, he showed us how dominant he can be. The problem is, for him to be dominant, everything has to go his way.

Burnett is going through the worst month of his career.

In June, the right hander is 0-5 with a 11.35 ERA.

It doesn’t matter which catcher is behind the plate.

The Posada and Burnett talks were once again all over the Internet and talk radio. Well guess what, Francisco Cervelli caught Burnett yesterday. The result?

Burnett could not record an out in the fourth inning against the Dodgers, giving up six hits, six walks, and 6 runs in three innings.

Everyone needs to stop blaming Jorge Posada for Burnett’s problems. Burnett is the pitcher the Yankees paid $82.5 million to.

He is a big boy. Burnett is just not that good.

He is way too inconsistent to be trusted as a number two starter. Lately, he seems barely capable of being even a number five starter.

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