If anyone needed more proof to why Canada shouldn’t be a country, Baltimore Orioles’ Adam Jones can probably convince you.

This is because Jones was detained by Canadian immigration while on the trip to Toronto for last night’s game despite having no criminal record at all.

I honestly wish this was another one of my satire articles, but this is the God’s-honest-truth.

Jones had to stay at the airport for a few hours and did not get released until 5 a.m. This is all despite the fact that Jones has never been arrested for anything at all and takes pride in his clean record.

Speculation is that Jones was confused with fellow professional athlete Adam “Pacman” Jones, who has been notorious for his mischievous activities and giving Roger Goodell headaches.

However, this hasn’t been verified to Baltimore’s Jones, who is still in the dark as to why he was unable to continue on his trip to Toronto with the rest of his teammates.

While Canada might not want to tell everyone that this was the case, it is definitely what happened. Personally though, I don’t blame them. I’d be embarrassed too if I had just detained someone for hours because they were the same race as another person.

“Adam Jones” isn’t exactly a rare name. Would you yell at a white guy named “John Smith” and say that he was mean to Pochahantas? Yea, I didn’t think so.

The only possible explanation is that Canadians honestly think that all black people look alike. While racism shouldn’t be the center of any argument, it isn’t like Canadians have much experience with black people.

They are like aliens there. I’ve been to Quebec City, and the two black people I saw were looked at like mutants.

I know that I truly look for reasons to make fun of Canada, but this was too good of an opportunity to pass on.

Mistaken identity is one thing, but mistaking two people who look nothing alike just because they share an incredibly common name and happen to be black is hilarious.

Maybe when Canada has the technology to do this for them like the rest of the world, we won’t make fun of them for saying “about” like “a-boot”

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