Maybe a third times the charm for Florida Marlins’ OF Cameron Maybin?

With Cody Ross shipped off to San Francisco, the Marlins will call up the 23-year-old today to take Ross’ place on the roster. This will be the third time Maybin will be given a chance to win a starting job since coming over from the Detroit Tigers in 2007.


Maybin has been a huge disappointment since coming over to the Marlins in the Miguel Cabrera trade. As a matter of fact, if you look at that trade for the Marlins, it’s been a disaster so far. Neither Maybin nor Andrew Miller have been anything the Marlins thought they would be.

The Marlins gave Maybin the starting job at the beginning of the 2009 season and he managed to hit just .250 with a .318 OBP. He was sent down after 54 games.

In 2010, the Marlins gave Maybin his second shot at becoming the every day center fielder and once again, he failed. Maybin lasted just 51 games this time around as he hit .225 with a very weak .290 OBP before getting sent down to Triple-A.

So now the question is—can Maybin succeed this time around?

I think he can. I will base my reasoning on three factors:


1. He is still only 23-years-old. Maybe the worst thing that ever happened to Cameron was that he hit a home run off of Roger Clemens in his second major league game back in 2007. He hit that home run when he was 20 years old.

If I hit a home run off of Clemens when I was 20, my head would explode. Perhaps now, Maybin has had a chance to mature and understand that hitting in the major leagues isn’t easy.

Most kids Maybin’s age are just getting their first crack at the major leagues. For Maybin, this will be his fifth shot.


2. Maybin killed it in Triple-A. The Marlins sent Maybin down to Triple-A New Orleans and Maybin proceeded to tear the cover off the baseball. He put up a .338/.407/.508 hitting line with four HR’s in 130 AB’s.

Triple-A success obviously doesn’t always turn into major league success, but his performance has to have given him confidence that he can perform at the big show.


3. A better approach at the plate. If you watched Maybin at the beginning of this season, you would have seen the worst approach at the plate of any major league hitter. I know that is a harsh statement, but it’s true.

When Maybin came to the plate in April and May, he had no idea what he was doing. Pitchers had their way with him as his 30.8 K percentage indicates.


In Triple-A, Maybin seems to have found himself. Maybin’s K percent of 18.5 percent was the lowest of his career at any level. Some of that can be attributed to facing lower level pitching, but I think some of it is Maybin having a better understanding of the strike zone and a better approach at the plate.

The next 30 games or so will be very big for Maybin’s career. If he fails again, he might not get another chance in a Marlins’ uniform.

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