It is not often catchers make any fan say, “Wow!” Usually catchers like this have a bust of themselves in Cooperstown.

So when a catcher like this comes along, you have no choice but to take notice.

When two come along, there is no choice but to compare them.

This is where Joe Mauer and Buster Posey come in.

Mauer has been the epitome of catching prowess since his rookie year in 2005. Hits for average, hits for power, great arm and handles a staff as well as anyone in the game.

He is the gold standard, for now.

Posey is the new kid on the block and being heralded as the best Giants position player of any kind to come out of the farm system since Will Clark.

High praise but well deserved to this point.

To examine these two phenoms, we will break down each part of their game.

How do their numbers stack up? Well, let’s see.

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