Stephen Strasburg just made a marvelous debut into the MLB with the Washington Nationals on Tuesday.

Bryce Harper was just selected by the Washington Nationals this week. He is advertised to be one of the best players in the MLB down the road.

He was a catcher in high school, but the Nationals will switch him to right field.

Harper has the power of a top farm prospect for an MLB team, he is just that good.

What does that mean for the Washington Nationals down the road? They will have the two best prospects to come out of high school or college in decades.

I think that means the Nationals will rule the National League by 2013 or even earlier.

Don’t forget about there other players. They have Adam Dunn, Ivan Rodriguez, and Ryan Zimmerman. Overall, that is a great nucleus of talent to be a playoff team.

I expect Bryce Harper to be in the minors for a shorter time then Stephen Strasburg. Bryce Harper’s debut for the Nationals should be huge like Strasburg’s.

This duo of Harper and Strasburg will be one of the best in the MLB.

Don’t count out the Nationals when Bryce Harper comes up from the minors. They could be a playoff contender right away in 2011.

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