The All-Star vote is broken, and this year’s manager picks are atrocious. Looking at the rosters for the 2010 Midsummer Classic, it’s clear that the league’s best players will not be represented.

So Bleacher Report’s Featured Columnists decided to see if we could do better.

In this slideshow are the results of a poll conducted during the last week of All-Star voting. We’ve certainly got some different ideas about who should play in the Midsummer Classic; in the NL alone, three of the nine real-life voting leaders would be on the bench or at home on July 13 if we had our way (AL results were released yesterday).

Included in each slide are the full vote totals at each position, as well as a look back at the results from our May and June polls. A lot has changed since last time.

As always, each slide features commentary from a different Featured Columnist, but this time there’s a twist: In the interest of encouraging minority representation, if a winning player in this poll also came out on top last time, his slide instead includes a write-up from a dissident about why he or she voted for someone else (if you want want more details about an old winner, just go back to last time and update the numbers).

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Note: I sent this survey only to the Featured Columnists who have been active in previous polls. If you are a new FC or you have changed your mind about wanting to participate, send me a message and I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop for next time!

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