At the end of the season, legend Bobby Cox will finally retire and hand the Braves over to another manager. The Braves would love to send him off with another World Series Title.

Last night in the All-Star game, Braves catcher Brian McCann could have helped them in a very crucial way.

As we all know, the game decides home field advantage in the World Series, and that’s what it is: an advantage.

After driving in three runs on a double, not only did he become the first person in All-Star Game history to bring in three runs on a non home run, but he also locked the home field for the National League.

That National League team in the World Series could be the Braves.

Heading into the second half of the season, the Braves are four games ahead of the New York Mets for lead of their division and have their eyes set on a World Series.

The team that won so many division titles in a row has struggled to get deep into the playoffs recently, but have high hopes for this October.

However, it won’t be easy.

With the Phillies and the Mets, both very talented teams, it’s going to be a tough ride to even get to October. If they plan to do so, Jason Heyward needs to come back from his injury and return to the great hitter that he was in the beginning of the season.

Heyward is a key player for the Braves as they plan to make a title run.

As for pitching, Atlanta is led by Tim Hudson and Derek Lowe, who both have nine wins this season.

The Braves do have the core of a team to make it all the way, and with McCann’s double last night, the seventh game would be in Atlanta.

A World Championship to cap off a legendary career by Bobby Cox. Sounds good to me.


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