In 2009, Brian Fuentes led the Major Leagues in saves with 48. Granted, they weren’t all pretty and Angel fans still remember the fastball that Alex Rodriguez belted out of Yankee Stadium in the ’09 ALCS; but overall Fuentes has been a solid closer for the Angels.

Just one season later, with the Angels at a mediocre 60-61, Fuentes has just 23 saves. He also has finished just 31 games in 2010. Fuentes contract includes a vesting option for 2011 if he finishes 55 games.

With just 41 games remaining, a lackluster offense and relievers setting him up who are not getting the job done it seems Fuentes is headed towards free agency. With an ERA presently at 3.22 and a WHIP of 1.16, plus being left handed he is likely to have quite a few suitors.

So in the offseason of 2011, not only will the Angels have to take a hard look at upgrading their core of set up men, they may also need a new closer. Those returning next season the Angels are going to have to right their ship or the 2011 club may have the same bullpen issues they do in 2010.

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Eric Denton is the head writer and content editor for LA Angels

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