Via Chad Jennings:

An MRI on Brett Gardner’s right wrist showed no break or tear, but it did show considerable inflammation. Gardner got a cortisone shot and is hopeful it will do the trick within a day or two.

“I couldn’t have picked up a bat today and swung,” Gardner said.

The pain is right at the base of the wrist, a little bit lower than the spot where Gardner was hit by a pitch in Los Angeles. He said he can play defense and pinch run tonight.

Gardner said he considered today’s MRI “pretty much good news.”

Manager Joe Girardi said over the weekend that he really wants the Yankees to win the division rather than settle for the Wild Card, but the bottom line is getting everybody healthy to the playoffs. If that means sitting Gardner quite a bit over the next 19 games, then so be it.

It’s good news that the MRI came back negative, but if there is considerable inflammation in his wrist, this could stick around for the rest of the year.

The cortisone shot will help, but it’s mostly going to just take away the pain. In a few weeks, when the shot wears off, the problem will still be there.

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