Spring training is where fans and the upper management can get familiarized with some of their teams’ lesser known talent. The New York Yankees have received a ton of production from such players this spring.

It’ll probably be awhile before we see any of these guys crack the 25-man roster, though there is an outside shot that one or two will find their name on the final roster this season. It all depends on how long they can stay hot.

The real test will be later on in the spring. As the spring schedule progresses, major league hitters and pitchers stay in games longer. If the young unknowns can take advantage of their opportunities when they arise, they’ll definitely impress manager Joe Girardi and his coaching staff.

It’s been just two weeks, however, and these are the numbers that are already popping out of the box scores. Keep an eye out for the following players until the team breaks camp and heads to Houston to take on the Astros on Tuesday, April 1.


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