The Kansas City Royals said, “Goodbye,” to Trey Hillman on May 13th after two-plus seasons and a 12-23 record to start 2010. Hillman was 152-207 (.423 percent) in his tenure with the club.

Hillman’s replacement, former Brewers manager Ned Yost, has provided stability and leadership since taking over the team a little more than a week ago. Yost has guided the Royals to six wins in their last eight games including three in a row.

It’s not that Yost has a much better career winning percentage than Tillman. In almost seven seasons with the Brewers, he posted a record of 457-502 (.477 percent).

Okay, why are things so drastically different in Kansas City?

The bottom line is that it was time for a change. Hillman had done all he could with the team (which wasn’t much), and he had lost the faith of the team.

Naming Yost as the new skipper has energized the entire organization. He believes in his team, and they are giving him every reason to keep believing.

Maybe the Royals should change their slogan back to what it was in 2003—”Believe!”

Will Kansas City make a serious push to win the division or even a wild-card berth? Keep believing (or dreaming).

Hey, for the Royals, the only place to go from here is up.

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