It’s time for the B/R MLB 300 to take a break from bats and gloves and focus on the arms. First up: starting pitchers.

There are typically 150 starting pitchers in Major League Baseball at any given moment. And while 2016 hasn’t been a banner year for great starting pitching the way the previous few years were, there are still many good starters out there. Our list covers 80 of them, who are scored like so:

  • Control: 30 points
  • Whiffability: 25 points
  • Hittability: 25 points
  • Workload: 20 points

Before we move on, here’s a reminder that this year’s B/R MLB 300 is different from past versions in a key way. Rather than use the events of 2016 to project for 2017, the focus is strictly on 2016. Think of these rankings as year-end report cards.

For more on how the scoring and ranking work, read ahead.

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