And now for the final stop on the Bleacher Report MLB 300’s tour of the top position players of the 2016 Major League Baseball season: corner outfielders.

The corner outfield spots are where you can find a decent number of stars but also many platoon bats and general part-time scrubs. We narrowed our list down to 40 names whose scores reflect that the corner outfield spots are offense-first positions:

  • Hitting: 30 points
  • Power: 35 points
  • Baserunning: 15 points
  • Defense: 20 points

Before we move on, here’s a reminder that this year’s B/R MLB 300 is different from past versions in a key way. Rather than use the events of 2016 to project for 2017, the focus is strictly on 2016. Think of these rankings as year-end report cards.

For more on how the scoring and ranking work, read ahead.

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