Having concluded its tour around the infield at third base, the B/R MLB 300 now heads to the outfield. First up are the top center fielders of the 2016 Major League Baseball season.

There’s no shortage of talent in center field, so we’re sticking with our usual allotment of 25 players. Our scoring system acknowledges that center field is an important defensive position while also recognizing that center fielders are also well-rounded offensive players:

  • Hitting: 25 points
  • Power: 25 points
  • Baserunning: 20 points
  • Defense: 30 points

Before we move on, here’s a reminder that this year’s B/R MLB 300 is different from past versions in a key way. Rather than use the events of 2016 to project for 2017, the focus is strictly on 2016. Think of these rankings as year-end report cards.

For more on how the scoring and ranking work, read ahead.

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