At the start of the 2010 season many of us thought that the Red Sox were going to make a transition from a run producing machine into a more run prevention machine. It was widely thought that some players such as Ortiz, Youk, and even Lowell were beginning to lose a step at their age, and a better defense was the perfect elixir for what the team was speculatively facing.

Well, it’s August now, and things couldn’t be any more different.

The Red Sox are currently ranked ninth in the AL in Runs Allowed and twentieth in all of baseball, but they are second only to the Yankees in runs scored in both the AL and MLB. They are also second in home runs and RBI, yet seventh in fielding (AL).

Some things never change, eh?

So what gives, right? What happened to the team everyone thought was going to be a better defensive team in 2010 than offensive?

Here are my top ten reasons why the Red Sox stayed the course of a run producing machine instead of the run prevention unit the team speculated to be.

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