Fresh from the news press, word around baseball insiders is that the Mariners informed Bobby Valentine today he will not be hired to fill their vacant managerial role. So what effect does that have on his odds of working with the Mets?

He’s already removed himself from consideration for the Marlins job and earlier this week Jon Heyman of reported, “The Mets appear to be a distant third or (fourth) on a list of possible destinations for Valentine…”

So let’s break down the obvious: The Marlins and Mariners are already out, other teams with an open managerial job have yet to contact the favorite Japanese league coach, so does this mean the Mets have moved to the top of the list for Bobby V.? Possibly, but we can’t be quite certain as of yet.

With the pending GM search still underway, the favorite seems to be Sandy Alderson and he has already openly stated that the manager is only meant to carry out the real decisions made by the front office. This seems like it wouldn’t fit into how Valentine coaches and his method of dealing with players on and off the field.

Bobby V. would most likely have a clause in his contract that would ask for more control over team decisions and management, which doesn’t look like Alderson would be willing to promise to his future manager (of course assuming the Mets hire Alderson as the GM).

So as of right now, it’s going to be a waiting game to see who the Wilpon’s and Ricco will choose as the future director of this recently under-producing team. Mets fans, be patient, things will fall into place soon enough.

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