According to a report from FOX Sports columnist Ken Rosenthal, the Toronto Blue Jays are among the teams that are inquiring about third baseman Mark Reynolds availability.

Reynolds, who holds the National League (NL) record for strikeouts in a season with 223 in 2009—and has led the league in strikeouts each of his three full years in the show, appears to be on the Blue Jays radar as a possible replacement for Edwin Encarnacion, who was claimed off waivers from the Oakland Athletics.

“The Sheriff” is just plain and simple a run producer. In his first 15 games as a pro, he drove in 14 runs.

However, last season was an epic struggle for Reynolds. On the positive side, he led the NL in walks with 83, but on the negative he again led the league in strikeouts with 211.

Even worse, he is the only player ever in the majors to finish a season with a higher strikeout total than their batting average (211 Strikeouts versus 198 batting average x 1000).

A plus with Reynolds is the obvious that he can play both first and third, giving the Jays some more versatility versus different pitching teams. One night they could have Bautista at third and Reynolds at first, or the next night have Lind at first, Reynolds and third and Bautista in right field.

If you can’t tell, I’m trying to take a negative and put a positive spin on it, but aside from his home run totals, nothing about Reynolds makes you think he’s much better than Encarnacion was.

In 141 games at third base, Reynolds committed 18 errors last season, and two season previous, committed a league high 34 errors at the position, albeit, it was second year in the league without much experience prior.

Last season, Reynolds in 498 at bats hit 32 home runs and drove in 85 runs, scored 79 runs, walked 83 times and stole seven bases, while striking out 211 times. Last season, he stole 24 bases, but this season, the speed was gone in Reynolds game.

What could the Diamondbacks want for Reynolds? If I were a betting man—and judging on how high of a price they are demanding for Justin Upton, I truly believe the D’Backs will want two top 12 level prospects and another top 30 prospect in return. They will be looking for a pitcher or two, and possibly an infield prospect.

A package that could make sense to me is Chad Jenkins or Henderson Alvarez, David Cooper and Brad Emaus for Reynolds.

That’s just the reality of the situation, but you never know, Reynolds being the worst average hitter in the league may really decrease his value for all I know.

I just give the facts and speculate a little, I’m not a fly on the wall in Alex Anthopolous’ officeas much as I’d love to be one right now.

Thoughts on Reynolds in a Jays uniform?

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