According to Buster Olney of ESPN, he is claiming that “two rival executives cast Toronto as the favorite to land Dan Uggla, assuming the Marlins follow through on trade talks.”

With all the talk revolving around who the Jays will get to fill in at third base, it looks like they may fill the void from within and move second baseman Aaron Hill from second to third, while adding Dan Uggla possibly to the fold.

If they don’t move Hill to third, look for Uggla to possibly play third if the Jays do in fact acquire him. Who knows, I’ve heard some rumors that Uggla can also play first base, so it appears the door is wide open with Uggla in terms of a position to play.

Rumors started this week with talks of adding Zack Greinke and Alex Gordon to the Jays, and now this hot rumor comes off the shelf.

Does this rumor have legs? I for one believe this would be a huge addition to the Blue Jays roster. The Marlins have been looking to trade Uggla because they are having a tough time coming to an agreement on an extension and it appears Uggla’s days are numbered with the Marlins.

According to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Moresi or FoxSports, a deal could be finalized within the next seven-to-10 days. Uggla has already passed on a proposed four-year, $48 million deal from the Marlins.

Uggla last season hit .287 with 33 home runs and 105 RBIs, along with 100 runs and a tidy .369 OBP.

Uggla is the only second baseman to hit at least 30 home runs a season the last four years, and could really add an extra punch to the Jays offence this year, no matter where he plays.

What really could the Marlins be looking for?

Well, if they are looking to trade Uggla, they’ll be looking for a middle infielder for sure, a starting pitcher, and of course, a starting catcher.

Right now I hazard to believe J.P. Arencibia may be involved in a Blue Jays-Marlins swap. Along with Arencibia, I expect a prospect such as Zach Stewart to possibly be involved, too.

It’s very hard to speculate on what could be given up, given the contract situation with Uggla, and his uncertain future, but I thought I’d get the speculation going.

If Uggla is added to the roster, look for him to hit fifth or sixth in the order and provide some protection for sluggers Jose Bautista and Vernon Wells in the order.

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