Being an umpire in Major League Baseball is though and unlike other major sports instant replay does not benefit them because it is not used. In fact when talk of adding it has been brought up it immediately is struck down because the thought is that it takes away the human element of the game and it would slow the game down.

Baseball is a long game already so the argument that the game would be longer doesn’t sit right. The second part is that yes there’s a human element to the game, but when it costs a team a win or momentum in a game that’s when instant replay needs to become available.

A team should not lose because an umpire blew a call. It happened last year with Matt Holliday who was called safe at home when the Oakland A’s had come back from a big deficit, but the reality is Holliday was out.

Even last year in the playoffs it happened when the Minnesota Twins were taking on the New York Yankees. Mauer hin the ball down into the left field corner and the ball landed right on the chalk, which means fair ball instead Phil Cuzzi ruled the ball foul.

Even with those two examples it doesn’t even compare to the biggest missed call of the decade. This one again involved the New York Yankees, but they were taking on the Oakland A’s in Oakland.

It’s time to go back and look at the play itself.

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