The best-laid plans of fantasy baseball players will often go awry. 

Because of MLB‘s long season and amount available data, baseball requires more skill and less luck than fantasy football, its more popular cousin. Yet even expert gamers must realize that most outcomes are out of their control.

Draft day plays a huge role in determining the champion, but this is a game of attrition. Which team avoided injuries more than the others? Who hit the waiver wire first whenever a hot pickup surfaced? Most importantly, who stays active and keeps grinding until October?

These final weeks separate the diehard warriors from the casual managers who already grew frustrated or bored. The weather’s nice. The gridiron is beckoning, and six months is a long time to spend fixating on a game.

Increasing the difficulty level on climbing the standings, most trade deadlines have passed or will within the week. While the waiver wire offers assistance, few marquee upgrades remain available in competitive leagues.

But hey, continuing to show up in late August and September is half the battle. Just reading a fantasy baseball column shows readiness to fight for a title. So let’s prepare.

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