Settle down, Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs fans. We know the 2016 MLB postseason isn’t over.

There is at least one more World Series game slated for Tuesday, and there could be another one on Wednesday if the Cubbies force the issue.

Still, at the risk of missing an epic pitching performance or a historic home run outburst, we’re going to anoint Bleacher Report’s playoff All-Star team right now.

Yes, the sample size is small. Really, that’s the whole point. It’s the playoffs, and everything is magnified. 

We’re considering every player who has participated in the postseason and weighing only 2016 postseason stats. Past performance and pedigree won’t help here.

However, playing in more games provides an obvious advantage, meaning the Cubs and Indians are generously represented.

Also, the goal is to build an actual, viable 25-man roster, so some players made the cut based on position as much as statistical merit. 

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