Between the fans, the players and the managers, quite a few minds will go into selecting the rosters for this year’s MLB All-Star Game.

Let’s guess their intentions, shall we?

The 2016 Midsummer Classic—to be hosted by San Diego’s Petco Park—is still about a month away. But we now have a picture of which players are having good seasons. And thanks to weekly updates on the American League and National League voting, we also have a good idea who the fans want to see in the starting lineups July 12.

Predicting the final 34-man rosters for the AL and NL teams, however, doesn’t just mean anticipating which players will be voted in by the fans. It also requires anticipating who the players and the AL and NL managers (Ned Yost and Terry Collins, respectively) favor for the rosters. There’s the final vote to take into account as well.

It’s a lot to consider—read on when you’re ready.

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