If the Washington Nationals made headlines with blockbuster trades involving their star players this offseason, it would be far less stressful for fans than the team’s conspicuous inactivity.

The Nats have made small trades here and entered talks there, but Washington has yet to check off anything on the top of its to-do list. And, as of now, that strategy has benefited some players and left others in precarious spots.

It would be hard to believe the Nationals are completely done wheeling and dealing this offseason, so a single trade could turn this list upside down. 

For example, shortstop Ian Desmond’s future is about as unclear as it can be. Washington has made it abundantly clear it’s willing to trade him and his expiring contract this offseason. If the team finally deals him or the sides agree on a new deal, he should be a much happier camper. 

On the other hand, players like Ross Detwiler and Dan Uggla have a chance to relaunch their careers with new clubs following moves the Nationals have actually pulled the trigger on this winter. 

Washington is like any other team in the fact that it can’t make everyone happy.

General manager Mike Rizzo has limited resources to work with, and he gets the fat paycheck he does because he can decide what compromises are best for the team as a whole in the long run. 

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