We’ve reached the point in MLB‘s regular season when all duds are no longer created equal. With September pennant races and furious battles for positioning in the wild-card races ongoing, every game takes on more importance than it did earlier in the season.

As such, the struggles of a player on a contending team are, in most cases, going to count more than those of a player on a non-contender when it comes to filling out our 10-player roster, which features one player per position, including a designated hitter and starting pitcher.

In other words, season-long mainstays on our All-Dud squad—such as the San Diego Padres’ Derek Norris—need not worry about making a repeat appearance down the stretch. Not unless their performances are so outrageously grotesque that we’re forced to take note.

If Norris didn’t make this week’s roster, who did? Let’s take a look.

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