For a team with $182.5 million already committed to the 2015 roster, the Los Angeles Dodgers actually have a surprising amount of flexibility. They have a couple veteran outfielders they need to get rid of, a massive budget and a farm system that is finally bearing fruit.

Whether or not the new front office will want to make a massive deal is up in the air, but it certainly has the resources to do so.

Andre Ethier and/or Carl Crawford are likely to be dealt relatively soon. If that happens, a couple 25-man roster spots will be open. Once the roster spots are available, the Dodgers will be able to slot expensive players in because of their budget: Even though it is currently in the $180 million range, it was over $200 million this past season. So there is clearly room to add.

And the farm system currently has more high-end talent than it has had for several years, including several players talented enough to headline major deals.

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