With approximately four weeks remaining until MLB teams report to spring training, there are a surprising number of familiar names still available on the free-agent market. 

Some of these players have had impressive seasons in the majors, both in the regular season and postseason, and could surely make a meaningful contribution to any club that signed them to a contract.

However, with many MLB clubs looking to save money where they can or determine whether younger players can make an impact, veteran players who have had previous success are still looking for employment and could still be waiting once spring training begins.

Obviously, outfielder Michael Bourn and starting pitcher Kyle Lohse are big-name free agents still looking to sign with a team. But players of their caliber will likely get a contract from someone before spring training begins—especially since their asking prices will surely come down. 

But who are some recognizable names that could still be working out on their own and frequently checking in with their agents once camps open in Florida and Arizona? Here are some players that might be waiting well into March before finding employment. 

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