The Giants sent catcher Bengie Molina to Texas today for RHP reliever Chris Ray and a player to be named later in a deal that developed very quickly. Giants management is extremely good at keeping trade negotiations secret until a deal is announced.

In terms of the players involved, I think the Rangers got the better end of the deal. While the OPS of Rangers catchers so far in 2010 is pretty close to Bengie’s for the Giants, the Ballpark at Arlington is a much better place to hit than AT&T Park in San Francisco, not to mention Bengie has played in the AL before.

Ray has a solid 3.41 ERA, but with a line of 31.2IP, 24 hits, four HRs, and 16 walks allowed and only 16 Ks, I’m not particularly impressed. Who knows, though, he might be another former American Leaguer who has a jump in performance coming to San Francisco. As mentioned, SF is a better place to pitch than Arlington.

The Giants’ move is obviously intended as addition by subtraction. There had been rumblings that the Giants intended to get Buster Posey more starts behind the plate, and now, he clearly will.

Bengie also has about $2.4 million left on his 2010, one-year contract.

If the Rangers have agreed to assume all of the remaining $2.4 million, and there’s a good chance they did, given what the Giants received in return, then the Giants will have some money to assume salary if, and when they trade for an outfielder who can hit.

I’m a little sad to see Bengie go, as he was a good Giant. However, you can’t be too sentimental if you want to see your team win.

It will be interesting to see how Posey does as the starting catcher. After a torrid start, he’s only hit .146 (7-for-48) since June 12.

Posey has the talent, and I’m convinced he’ll be a major league star if he stays healthy. However, it remains to be seen how quickly he adjusts to the adjustments the NL’s pitchers made after his first couple of weeks in the league.

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