November is upon us and we have entered into that time of year when all sports fans turn there attention to the NFL, college football and the start of college basketball. With that said, it is still time to announce the end of the year MLB awards.

It will be interesting to see which players come away with this years awards. The race is extremely tight in the American League, where there are four candidates who have a legitimate shot at winning the award. While in the National League, it will be a foot race between three sluggers.

In the AL, the race is between; Robinson Cano, Josh Hamilton, Jose Bautista and Miguel Cabrera. All four of these players had very strong statistical seasons in many areas of the game. When it comes to MVP awards, a non playoff team member should never win over a playoff team participant. Therefore, the AL race is between Cano and Hammy.

Both of these players had very nice seasons while helping to lead their teams into this years playoffs. With over .300 batting averages and nice doses of power, each hitter was able to get the job done at the plate.

Hamilton missed almost all of September and because of this, definitely lost some stat numbers. This may have a small effect on some of the votes. Since Cano is a second baseman he will also get some extra votes do to his position.

When it is all said and done, I believe Josh Hamilton will come away as the 2010 AL MVP. His .352 average is just straight remarkable and this will be the difference maker when it comes to the voters.

In the National League, the race will also be a close one. Albert Pujols and Joey Votto will be the top two finishers, with Carlos Gonzalez finishing in third place.

My playoff rule is in effect here once again as Votto is the only player of the group who helped lead his team into this years playoffs. However, when it comes to statistics, Votto is also better then the rest.

All three, hit over 30 home runs, scored over 100 runs and drove in over 100 while batting above .300. When it comes to the deeper statistics, Votto was on a whole new level. With his .600 slugging percentage and his .424 OBP he clearly proved to the world that he deserves this years coveted award.

The MVP awards will be announced to the public next week and all baseball fans should look for Josh Hamilton and Joey Votto to come away as the recipients.

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