This weekend, baseball fans from all over the country will flock to the very small small town of Cooperstown, New York, as baseball forever enshrines three into the Hall of Fame.

After this weekend, Andre Dawson, Whitey Herzog, and Doug Harvey will forever be able to say that his name is in the same catagory as Babe Ruth and Willie Mays.

In honor of this occasion, let’s take a look at some of the players that we see every day that have a shot at being given the same honor one day.

The way that I chose my 25 isn’t just based on a players current resume’, but also what I see their potential being. There are many players on the list that are in their early-20’s that have just burst onto the scene and are included because I see them as truly special. That being said, it will take those youngsters 10-15 more outstanding years to make it to Cooperstown and there is so much that can happen to prevent that.

I have changed my mind on these about 50 times over, and it’s possible I missed someone. Let me know what you think.

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