The Baltimore Orioles have held strong in their division the entire season, staying just behind the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, even with starting pitching woes and bullpen implosions.

A lot of players are having strong seasons, such as Adam Jones, Nate McLouth and, of course, Chris Davis. If the team can get its pitching together, it could be a very scary opponent for any team.

Grading and assessing players’ performances over a determined time period is part of the life of a sports blogger. May has been quite an interesting month for O’s fans as the team has had some very high moments and some that are not so high.

Let’s take a look at how the O’s roster has performed over the month of May. I’ll only analyze the current 25-man roster and not every player who appeared in a game, since one of the team’s favorite pastimes is shuffling players between the majors and minors.

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