I recently had the opportunity to pose a few questions to Jordan Tuwiner of www.oriolesprospects.com about some of the young players in the Orioles system.   

Who has potential to make an impact in 2011? 

Who appears primed to be their top prospect heading into 2011? 

Let’s take a look at what he had to say.

Of the Orioles young starting pitchers, who do you think has the highest upside for the remainder of 2010?  Would the answer be different for 2011?  How about beyond?

Jordan Tuwiner: Brian Matusz has the stuff and ability to put up a sub-four ERA season with a solid eight strikeouts per nine-inning rate.

If he can get his head straight, he has the highest upside for this season because he has the ability to make adjustments quickly, while I don’t see the other young starters doing that.

Chris Tillman and Matusz are the only ones that have true “ace” potential. Tillman needs to make some mechanical adjustments before he can pitch successfully in the majors. 

What type of impact do you see Josh Bell making both in 2010 and beyond?

Jordan Tuwiner: I don’t see Bell becoming a superstar type player. I see him as a solid regular who will hit around .250 to .260 with 25 to 30 home runs. He’ll strikeout a lot. 

Is there any hitting prospect who has not yet seen time in the majors that you see making an impact in 2010 ?

Jordan Tuwiner: The O’s system lacks impact bats.

Matt Angle is the only bat that could come up and help right now, but he wouldn’t be a starter. He’d be more of a fourth outfielder and would be up mostly for his defense, so there isn’t much fantasy value there.  

Which Orioles prospect, whose name people probably don’t know, should be on people’s radar and why?

Jordan Tuwiner: Ryan Berry, currently paying for the Frederick Keys, could be in the majors sometime next season. He’s been on a strict five-inning limit this year, so we’ll need to see how he handles a bigger workload next year, but he could become a solid No. 2 or No. 3 very soon.

Who do you think will be the Orioles’ top prospect heading into 2011?  How about 2012?

Jordan Tuwiner : If Zach Britton doesn’t graduate to the majors, he’s the easy choice for the No. 1 prospect.

If Bell doesn’t graduate, he’d be behind Britton or at the top by himself if Britton did graduate. Beyond that, nothing’s clear. You could go with Brandon Erbe or Matt Hobgood.

What are your thoughts on the Orioles farm system? Is there anyone that you are extremely high on?

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