The Baltimore Orioles are having a nice surprise season right now, and, considering how many of their players are performing thus far, it’s justifiable to wonder just how on Earth they’re doing it.

For the Orioles, it would be greatly beneficial to have these guys break out and perform like they’re capable of. It would almost be as if the O’s did make a significant deadline deal to boost their team.

Plenty of guys on the team are deserving of making this list—which is strange to say, considering this team is a half game out of a wild-card spot—but I’m going to name those who are most important to the team at this point and/or are in a free-agent season and could use it for themselves, as well.

If any of these key cogs in the Orioles machine can step up their game over the final two months of the season, then the team could continue its fairy-tale season in an even bigger way.

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