If you live in the Atlanta metropolitan area and hear a loud, prolonged steak-fart coming over your radio Wednesday, don’t be alarmed.

That’s just Mike Bell explaining his tweets.

Bell, a sports-radio personality for CBS-affiliated 92.9 The Game in Atlanta, worked himself into a nice, meaty lather Tuesday night after watching MLB analyst Jessica Mendoza participate in the ESPN’s AL Wild Card Game broadcast.

A two-time softball Olympic medalist, Mendoza has filled in capably for Curt Schilling over the last month as the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball analyst served his suspension for controversial social media posts made in late August.

Mendoza’s done well with the opportunity—so well that ESPN brought her on to work Tuesday night’s AL Wild Card showdown between the New York Yankees and Houston Astros, making her the first woman ever to do analysis for a nationally televised MLB postseason game.

Predictably, however, Mendoza’s milestone was received with push-back, and a boorish cross-section of America’s downtrodden male population lifted its knuckles from the dirt to shake a fist at the sound of a female voice speaking during a baseball game. 

More surprisingly (or not), one among their number was Bell—ostensibly a media professional employed in 2015.

Seeing Mendoza on the broadcast, Bell rifled off a tweet straight out of 2004. He called Mendoza “Tits McGhee” and wondered aloud what a female Olympian would ever know about the male version of her sport:

Bell has since deleted the tweet, but Twitter is forever, and Boiled Sports (h/t Big League Stew’s Mike Oz) grabbed a screenshot of the message.

If you’re still in the mood for more strong, Manwich-flavored #takes, Bell still has a bunch of other tweets about Mendoza from Tuesday on his feed for your perusal. There’s even a “Curt Schilling is worse than a woman!” joke!

Ah, beautiful stuff. Like cootie-phobic cave paintings drawn with Crisco.

For what it’s worth, Bell has since tweeted an apology about his wording. He didn’t “@” Mendoza, but he wants his followers to know he’s sorry for calling her that name.

Yea. Trending for your remarks about women overstepping in the workplace isn’t really a good thing. But hey—it’s hard out there for males in sports media!

Got to take the press you can get, right?


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