If you missed the original post, I gave my opinion about what is wrong with the Mets, which I feel is the absence of Jose Reyes. Now it is time to go what other fans are thinking, via Twitter. On Twitter, I asked the following question:

Mets fans, quick, 1 thing you think is currently wrong with these mets?

I got so many responses, I decided I needed to post them. Here we go:

The way they play baseball. RT @TylerFlushingBB : Mets fans, quick, 1 thing you think is currently wrong with these mets?


That is straight and to the point.

@TylerFlushingBB Currently? The team attitude. They don’t seem to have that comeback in them that they had earlier in the year


Interesting to look at that. I have to agree they seemed to have lost some life in their bats and play lately, as if their hearts aren’t into it.

@TylerFlushingBB Starting pitching. Need fausto carmona or lilly, NOW!


I don’t really agree with this statement. The starting pitching hasn’t been really bad, except Hisanori Takahashi , which is shown by the multiple pitchers’ duels since the All Star break.

@TylerFlushingBB not hitting with runners on base, clutch at bats have been scarce

@TylerFlushingBB and they never seem to fix it, that’s the worst part


The thing is, in regards to that, the didn’t do that last year either. It worries me a lot that they can’t get a hit when they need it. That really is something that is wrong with the Mets this year, and last year too.

The team. RT @TylerFlushingBB : Mets fans, quick, 1 thing you think is currently wrong with these mets?

@TylerFlushingBB I mean that the team was constructed poorly. This, in essence, means that the problem is Omar.


I don’t really agree with this statement, yet I do. I understand the statement, but the thing is, some players Omar got have just not done their jobs. Jason Bay is a prime example.

He has not lived up to expectations, you can’t really blame Omar Minaya for that, it isn’t his fault.

@TylerFlushingBB Hisanori Takahashi simply isn’t as effective as he was in the beginning of the year. Much rather have Lilly.


I mentioned this on Twitter, but I don’t think that it is that he isn’t effective anymore, it is that I think he isn’t effective to start games.

I think he is more suited for what he was doing at the beginning of the year, which was coming out of the bullpen.

I seen multiple mentions of Ted Lilly of late, must be another pitcher the Mets are in rumors for, but won’t go after, but that’s for another post.

@TylerFlushingBB where do I start? For me, it’s the inconsistent signs of resiliency. One day, they’re tough. The other, they back down.


Yeah this interesting. They come in one day ready to take on the world, the next day just asleep, not you, Keith Hernandez. I find this puzzling, especially against rookies.

No Reyes! RT @TylerFlushingBB @michaelgbaron Mets fans, quick, 1 thing you think is currently wrong with these mets?


Before I say anything else, I think I should say thanks to Michael Baron, over at MetsBlog and MetsPhotos for retweeting that to his followers, that got me a lot of replies. So here to you dude: https://twitter.com/michaelgbaron Now to my response, thanks. I am glad to see someone agrees with me that the lack of Reyes is really hurting the Mets.

@TylerFlushingBB everything

@TylerFlushingBB They rely on the bad contracts they already have when it’s clear those players are only hurting the team. (Ollie, Barajas)


Interesting approach. I am surprised they didn’t mention Jeff Francoeur who many Mets fans believe is hurting the team. I agree Oliver Perez and Rod Barajas are hurting the Mets with their production.

I do consider Barajas and Henry Blanco to be good mentors, though, for Josh Thole . They can really help Thole in the long run.

@TylerFlushingBB The offense is staggering


Yes it is, but it always seems to stagger on the road.

@TylerFlushingBB Not enough Seals in our water next to Citi field..


In response to this I can only say one word, what? I guess this comment was for comedic relief. This is what the fans think is wrong with the Mets, what do you think?

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