For the first time in his life, Armando Galarraga was ready to put himself into the record books.

Ready to become the 21st man to throw a perfect game, Armando faced 28 batters, all of them failing to reach base. Until, second to last batter ( unfortunately), reaches base safely on a base hit, but what should have been the third out of the inning.

Umpire Jim Joyce clearly missed the call, which has brought the entire MLB world in shock and anger.

What will this do? Bring a whole new conversation about the use of instant replay in baseball. If replay is used, the call is made, and everyone turns out happy. It would take just a few minutes, and every would be talking about the positives of the third perfect game.

The major league season has consisted of dominant pitching, and these multiple perfect games and no hitters are examples.

Action does need to be taken. In his latest tweet, Adam Schefter suggests that Bud Selig overrule the decision and make the perfect game happen. If it doesn’t, hell will be ready to break lose.

But, this would never happen if we used instant replay more often. For the people who say this isn’t football, and it takes away from the sport, what is your opinion now?

And for the owners who voted against the bigger use of replay, will strongly reconsider, knowing one man has been ripped of history by one call.


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