Armando Galarraga just completed a perfect game for the Detroit Tigers, except Jim Joyce made the worst call I, and most likely all Tiger fans have ever seen.

Galarraga retired the first 26 Cleveland Indian batters and faced Jason Donald for his moment in history. Donald hit a weak grounder to first baseman Miguel Cabrera who tossed to Galarraga at first. Joyce called Donald SAFE!

It was a close play but Joyce clearly blew it, and should have got together with the other umpires and got it straight. However, he chose to stick with the WRONG call and ruin history.

It is a shame when a young man tosses a perfect game only to lose it on a blown call. It is an even more shameful when that young man show more class and maturity then umpire who wronged him.

I hope MLB will review this play and hand down some type of disciplinary action on Joyce. Not so much for the missed called, but for the unprofessional behavior and inability to get the call right. Baseball has enough problems, it does not need umpires ruining historic moments.

Armando, your efforts will not be forgotten. Actually, your moment in time will be replayed and talked about more now than if Joyce got it right.

Go Tigers.


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