The Phillies look really, really bad right now. But relax. Anyone who has followed this team over the years knows that it happens every year, to every team for that matter. That’s part of playing a 162-game schedule.

And as much as the media would like you to believe otherwise, the MLB standings on June 4 are MEANINGLESS. Totally MEANINGLESS.

PLEASE READ: The quotations on the following slides weren’t actually said by anyone. They are just along the lines of what a typical Phillie fan who is high on passion and low on perspective would probably have said following each game.

The “Author’s thoughts” section of each slide is what yours truly was thinking about the Phillies at the given time…if you really care.

Please enjoy, stay calm, stay positive, and remember…

There are still three months of regular season baseball left. Much better days are ahead. Besides, the Phils have a long reputation of being a second-half team, while the Braves and Mets are never known for fading in June…

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