Pirates prized prospect Pedro Alvarez had been called up by the team this week, and will probably replace Andy LaRoche.

Alvarez, 23, is a power hitting 3rd baseman, who can be a threat every at bat at the big league level but is very weak when it comes to defense.

He reminds us of a somewhat Adam Dunn, who is a power hitter, yet isn’t the greatest fielder (I mean years ago, he has gotten better this year). Also, Dunn and Alvarez both strike out often. 

With Pittsburgh needing help at this point, they called up the young 3rd baseman.

But now, what will happen to Andy LaRoche, who is a .258 hitter, but a great defender? Could he be on the trading block this year? Probably, as Pittsburgh is known for trading its starters for more future stars. One of them has to go, to the minors or traded, as Pittsburgh is in the National League with no DH.

Minnesota needs some help over at 3rd base, with Nick Punto and Brendan Harris not producing. Therefore, they did call up prospect Danny Valencia, who has a very high ceiling. But we do not know if he can hit in the Majors yet, and he also might need some more experience. 

So, why not bring LaRoche in? He is a solid defense addition to the team, as well as a better offensive player than Harris or Punto. 

There were some reports regarding that the Twins were interested in Mike Lowell of the Red Sox, but he does have a high salary. Not only that, who knows if his body will break down?

The Minnesota Twins might have some interest, as July 31st gets closer and closer.





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