Coming into the series with the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Chicago Cubs had lost seven of their last ten games. They had not been losing close games either, they were getting blown out. The pitching staff had struggled and the drama of the Carlos Zambrano saga was obviously a distraction to a team that was struggling.

It wasn’t just the pitching though, the offense would show up one game then be non-existent for days. Clearly the Cubs were reeling like only the Cubs can do. From a Diamondbacks fan’s perspective, this is the best time to welcome the Cubbies to Chase Field.

Maybe this is just what the Diamondbacks need to jump-start their season. With just seven games remaining before the All-Star break, it would be the perfect time to run off a few victories and begin climbing back into being relevant.

Of course the same holds true for the Cubs. A visit to Chase Field to face a pitching staff that leads the league in giving up home runs might just be what the doctor ordered.

Arizona sent a well-rested Ian Kennedy to the mound hoping some extra rest would be good for Kennedy. From the looks of his pitch selection, that was not the case. The Cubs scored early and often ultimately recording a 9-4 victory over the home team.

This was exciting for the many Cubs fans who seemed to outnumber the Diamondbacks faithful both in bodies and enthusiasm. Throughout the game there were chants of “Let’s Go Cubbies ” and fanatical cheering for any play the visiting team completed.

In the end, the Diamondbacks fans sat rejected as they watched the opposing team giving each other high fives on the infield celebrating a victory. Chicago fans were walking through the concourse smiling and cheering for one another singing the Cubs victory song.

On the other side, Arizona fans walked dejectedly through the stadium trying not to make eye contact with anyone. In the off-chance that they did come in contact with a Cubs fan they would mutter under their breath, “Wait until next year”.

Are the Diamondbacks becoming the new Chicago Cubs? The inconsistent play on the field, the offense that disappears for weeks at a time, the pitching staff that seems to implode whenever the game is on the line; all of these have been used to describe the 2010 Diamondbacks.

I shudder to think how horrible that would be. It’s only been nine years since the Diamondbacks World Series win against the New York Yankees, yet it seems like an eternity. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to go 103 years without a championship. No wonder beer sales are so brisk at Wrigley Field. I wonder if the Diamondbacks are likewise seeing an increase in beer consumption this year and last?

About all we are lacking are a goat curse and an inebriated Hall of Fame announcer and the transformation will be complete. This is definitely not good.

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